Wound Care

Wound Care

Our range of disinfectants and bandages are present to help prevent any secondary infections if used correctly 



ACRIF Acriflavine / Glycerine 500ml

Acrisulph Ointment 50g

BET Betadine Surgical Scrub - 1lt
COINT Corona Ointment 56g
COINT200 Corona Ointment 200g
COINT400 Corona Ointment 400g
CWOOL Cotton Wool - 500g
DERMA Dermavet Wound Cream 100g
DIFLY Difly Wound Spray 250g
ENG Engemycin - 200ml
SURG Equifox Surgiscrub 500ml
EQUIWOUND Equiline wound spray 500ml
EWASH Equiwash Concentrate 500ml
ESPRAY Equiwash Spray Ready to Use 750ml
F10GERM F10 Germ Wound Spray 500ml
SWAB10 Gauze Swabs - 10
SWAB Gauze Swabs - 100s
GLY500 Glycerin Ichthammol 500ml
GLY2.5 Glycerine Ichthammol 2.5l
HP2 Hydrogen Peroxide 20% - 2 5lt
HP Hydrogen Peroxide 20% - 500ml
IS Iodine - Strong - 500ml
IW Iodine - Weak - 500ml
NEC Necrospray 200g
PFLESH Proudflesh Powder - 50g
TERAERO Terramycin aerosol 150ml
VETCAS Vetguard Antib Sol 50ml
WOIL Wound Oil 500ml
WOILSWA Wound oil 500ml Swavet
WSEPT Wound Sept Spray 350ml