Supplements are important to help boost digestion and health of animals.

These can be sourced by Groenvoer if we do not already have them in our shop    



BEEFEE Beefee Powder 250g
BIO Biotyser - 500ml
BLUD Blud - Electro - 28.40g
BL Blue Liquid Tonic - 50ml
BONERAD Bone Radiol 250ml
CAL500 Calsup 500g
DROPC Choc Drops Vitamin 125g
CONC Conditioning Tabs Cats & Kittens
CONL Conditioning Tabs Large Dog
CONM Conditioning Tabs Med Dog
CONS Conditioning Tabs Small Dog
DC500 Devils Claw 500g
DC1KG Devils Claw 1kg
DC2KG Devils Claw 2kg
EQFUEL EQ Fuel 250g 22d
COMP3KG Equifox Complete 3kg
HOOFAS1 Equifox Hoof Assist 1kg
HOOFAS2 Equifox Hoof Assist 2kg
MOBHA Equifox Mobility HA 1kg
EQUITOP Equitop Myoplast Granules 1.5kg
EXCEL Excelytes 2.5kg
GCSMAX GCS Max 500g Joint Suppl
HEPT Heptonic - 100ml
AFM200G Herbal Horse - Allergy Mix 200g
CM500G Herbal Horse - Calm Mix 500g
DM500G Herbal Horse - Digestion Mix 500g
EM500G Herbal Horse - Endurance Mix 500g
FM500G Herbal Horse - Farriers Mix 500g
IM500G Herbal Horse - Immune Mix 500g
RM500G Herbal Horse - Rejuven Mix 500g
SM500G Herbal Horse - Show Mix 500g
SH500G Herbal Horse - Sport Horse Mix 500g
UM500G Herbal Horse - Ultimate Mix 500g
HPOW10 Horse Power 10kg
HPOW Horse Power 3Kg
MC2.5 Mirra Cote - 2.5lt
MC500 Mirra Cote - 500ml
OMEGA2 Omega Coat 2l
OMEGA Omega Coat 5l
PROS Prosacc Farm Pacc - 2kg (25-50g daily)
PROS5 Prosacc Farm Pacc - 5kg
PROP300 Protexin Premium 300g
PROP Protexin Premium for Horses - 1kg
REDCEL Red Cell 1 lt
REDCEL3 Red Cell 3.8lt
THRIVE Super Thrive - 2kg
ARTHC Thellys Arthro-x-Canine 480g
ARTH Thellys Arthro-x-Equine 1kg
HOOFS Thellys Hoof Supplement 600g
MSM Thellys MSM-Supplement 1kg
FEED Trainers Formula 2.5kg
FEEDL Trainers Formula 5kg
TRAN Tranquil Powder 1.2kg
FORT Trident Fortitude 2kg
XENBM Xenia Brood Mare Formula 2.5kg
XENFB Xenia Feed Booster 10kg
DROPY Yoghurt Drops Vitamin 125g