Leather Care


Keeping all leather clean and supple aids in the lifespan of the leather. A full range of leather care can be found in store



MDUB250 Dubbin Moore's 250ml
MDUBB250 Dubbin Moore's Black 250ml
FLEX Flexalan Leather Dressing - 500ml
GLY267 Glycerine Saddle Soap Stubben 267g
HAMANOL Hamanol Cream 250g
LINC Lincoln leather dressing 500ml
MDUB2 5 Moore's Dubbin 2 5lt
MDUB Moore's Dubbin 500g
MDUB5 Moore's Dubbin 5l
MDUBB Moore's Dubbin Black 500g
MHIDE Moore's Hide Care - 250g
MOIL Moore's Leather Oil 500ml
MLIQ Moore's Liquid Cleaner 500ml
MSOAP2 5 Moore's soap 2 5lt
MSOAP Moore's soap 500ml
SSST Stubben Liquid Leather Soap
TLCL Trident Leather Cleaner - 500ml
TLCO Trident Leather Conditioner- 500ml
TLOIL Trident Leather Dressing 1lt
TLOIL5 Trident Leather Dressing 5lt
TLOIL500 Trident Leather Dressing 500ml
XENLBN Xenia Leather Balm 500g