Horse Boots


Keeping a horse’s legs and hooves protected from bumps and scratches is always important. Groenvoer stocks horse boots



BB Boots - Brushing - Vinyl Back
BBV Boots - Brushing - Vinyl Front
BBW Boots - Brushing Back
BBBV Boots - Brushing Back Viking
BBCCB Boots - Brushing Champ Choice Back
BBCC Boots - Brushing Champ Choice Front
BBLF Boots - Brushing Leather Front
BBLH Boots - Brushing Leather Hind
BBNEOB Boots - Brushing Neoprene Back
BBNEO Boots - Brushing Neoprene Front
BBUB Boots - Brushing Ultra Front
BBUH Boots - Brushing Ultra Hind
BBVIK Boots - Brushing Viking
BBL Boots - Brushing Vinyl Lipenga Pony
BBWETB Boots - Brushing Wetsuit Back
BBWET Boots - Brushing Wetsuit Front
BBE Boots - Equiguard Brushing Back
BBEF Boots - Equiguard Brushing Front
FETLTR Boots - Fetlock fur lined Trident
BFWET Boots - Fetlock Wetsuit
SBOOT Boots - Sesamoid
SMBOOT Boots - Sports Medicine Prof Choice
TBOOTU Boots - Tendon - Ultra
TBOOTTR Boots - Tendon Fur Lined Trident
TBOOTN Boots - Tendon Neoprene
TBOOTG Boots - Tendon Protector Gel
TBOOTVIK Boots - Tendon Viking
BBNTA Boots - Tendon/Ankle Neoprene
TBOOT Boots-Tendon Boot
ORN Boots - Overeach - Neoprene
ORS Boots - Overeach Buckle
ORV Boots - Overreach - Velcro
ORBL Boots - Overreach Black Large Pull On
ORVBL Boots - Overreach Black Lge Velcro
ORBM Boots - Overreach Black Med Pull On
ORVBM Boots - Overreach Black Med Velcro
ORBS Boots - Overreach Black Small Pull On
ORVBS Boots - Overreach Black Small Velcro
ORBXL Boots - Overreach Black X Lge Pull On
ORVBXL Boots - Overreach Black X Lge Velcro
ORCC Boots - Overreach Champions Choice
ORSS Boots - Overreach Velcro with S/skin
ORWL Boots - Overreach White Large Pull On
ORVWL Boots - Overreach White Lge Velcro
ORWM Boots - Overreach White Med Pull On
ORVWM Boots - Overreach White Med Velcro
ORWS Boots - Overreach White Small Pull On
ORVWS Boots - Overreach White Small Velcro
ORWXL Boots - Overreach White X Lge Pull On
ORVWXL Boots - Overreach White XLge Velcro