Garden & Outdoor

Groenvoer carries various products to help making your gardens bloom



TROW Adlus Garden Trowel
SECA Adlus Secateur
BAL Baling Twine Red
BCAP Baseball cap
BAT Bat Boxes (Bats eat mosquitoes)
CAGE Bird Cage Large
BRACD Bracket - Double Horse
BRACH Bracket - Horse Hanging Basket
BRACP Bracket - Horse Pot Plant
BROOMH Broom - Head (Green) Lite Lift
BROOML Broom - large (60cm)
BROOMM Broom - medium (45cm)
BROOMS Broom - small (30cm)
BROOMSWEEP Broom - Sweepa
BROOMP Broom - Yard Sweeper
CAGEG Cage Gravel with Grit
CARBO200 Carbolineum - 200lt
CARBO25 Carbolineum - 25lt
CARBO5 Carbolineum 5l
CITCAND Citronella Candle
CLOGC Clog - Childs
CLOG-3 Clogs - #3
CLOG-4 Clogs - #4
CLOG-5 Clogs - #5
CLOG-6 Clogs - #6
CLOG-7 Clogs - #7
CLOG-8 Clogs - #8
CLOG-9 Clogs - #9
CA Compost Activator - Pkt
CREO25 Creosote - 25L
CREO200 Creosote - 200lt
CREO5 Creosote - 5lt
MAT Door Mat
DRILSP Drill Bit - Spade Bit
DUSTMASK Dust mask
DUSTC Dustcoats
ECOM Ecomist Machine
EDGE200 Edging 200mm
EDGE300 Edging 300mm
EDGE300C Edging 300mm Creosote x 2m
FEEDSD Feeder - Double Fruit
FEEDS Feeder - Single Fruit
FEEDBR Feeder - Wooden Bird
FTRAP Flytrap - Organic
FTRAPW Flytrap - Organic Window Julia
FTRAPR Flytrap Refill - Organic
FORK Fork - Garden
GEY Geyser Blanket 150/200l
GLOVPVC Gloves - Adlus garden floral/pvc
GLOVPI Gloves - Cotton & Leather
GLOVG Gloves - Gardening - orange rubberised
GARDLEA Gloves - Gardening cotton + leather
GARDDOT Gloves - Gardening floral/polka dot
GLOVGP Gloves - Gardening Polka Dot
GLOVK Gloves - Kids Garden
GLOVP Gloves - PVC Wrist Length
GLOVR Gloves - Rubber Household
GBOOTA-5 Gumboot - Ankle Black # 5
GBOOTA-7 Gumboot - Ankle Black # 7
GBOOTB-10 Gumboot - Black # 10
GBOOTB-11 Gumboot - Black # 11
GBOOTB-12 Gumboot - Black # 12
GBOOTB-6 Gumboot - Black # 6
GBOOTB-7 Gumboot - Black # 7
GBOOTB-8 Gumboot - Black # 8
GBOOTB-9 Gumboot - Black # 9
GBOOTKB-11 Gumboot - Blue Kiddies # 11
GBOOTKB-13 Gumboot - Blue Kiddies # 13
GBOOTKB-02 Gumboot - Blue Kiddies # 02
GBOOTKB-7 Gumboot - Blue kiddies # 7
GBOOTKB-9 Gumboot - Blue kiddies # 9
GBOOTKB-5 Gumboot - Blue kiddies # 5
GBOOTG-4 Gumboot - Green # 4
GBOOTG-5 Gumboot - Green # 5
GBOOTG-6 Gumboot - Green # 6
GBOOTG-7 Gumboot - Green # 7
GBOOTG-8 Gumboot - Green # 8
GBOOTG-9 Gumboot - Green # 9
GBOOTKR-01 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 1
GBOOTKR-10 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 10
GBOOTKR-12 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 12
GBOOTKR-5 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 5
GBOOTKR-6 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 6
GBOOTKR-8 Gumboot - Red Kiddies # 8
GBOOTW-3 Gumboot - White # 3
GBOOTW-4 Gumboot - White # 4
GBOOTW-5 Gumboot - White # 5
GBOOTW-6 Gumboot - White # 6
GBOOTW-7 Gumboot - White # 7
GBOOTW-8 Gumboot - White # 8
GBOOTW-9 Gumboot - White # 9
GBOOTLINM Gumboot Socks Medium
GBOOTS Gumboots - Steel Toecap
GBOOTWO Gumboots - white & orange
INSEC Insecticide Granules 500g
INSTP Insulation Tape
LK Kennel - large
MK Kennel - medium
SK Kennel - small
KOG K-O Gard SC 10 - 200ml
LAV Lavender Margaret Roberts / French
LS Lime Sulphur - 500ml
SHAFT Lite Lift Shaft
MATS Mat sisal
MOUS Mouse Trap - Wooden
VISCO Oils - Caltex 15W/40 5lt
OLEUM Oleum Emulsion - 500ml
TPGREEN Overalls - Two piece GREEN
OALLS Overalls - boilersuit
OALLL Overalls - Ladies XXL Green
TPIECE-34 Overalls - Two Piece 34 Royal Blue
TPIECE-36 Overalls - Two Piece 36 Royal Blue
TPIECE-38 Overalls - Two Piece 38 Royal Blue
TPIECE-40 Overalls - Two Piece 40 Royal Blue
TPIECEG-42 Overalls - Two Piece 42 Green
TPIECE-42 Overalls - Two Piece 42 Royal Blue
TPIECEG-44 Overalls - Two piece 44 Green
TPIECE-44 Overalls - Two Piece 44 Royal Blue
TPIECE-46 Overalls - Two Piece 46 Royal Blue
TPIECE-48 Overalls - Two Piece 48 Royal Blue
TPIECEK Overalls - Two piece khaki
TPRED Overalls - Two Piece Red
TPIECEY Overalls - two-piece heavy - yellow
OWL Owl box (Owls eat rats)
PANGA1 Panga - 410mm Blade Wdn Handle
PANGA Panga - Machete wide blade (400)
PITCH Pitchfork
AGAPA Plant - Agapanthus
AGAP Plant - Agapanthus - mini
ALOE Plant - Aloe
ARUM Plant - Arum lily
ASPA Plant - Asparagus fern
AZAL Plant - Azalea
BOUG Plant - Bauganvillias
BAUH Plant - Bauhinia
BERB Plant - Berberis
BOUL Plant - Boulevard
BUL Plant - Bulbines
CAME Plant - Camellia
CAPE Plant - Cape Honeysuckle
COMB Plant - Combretum
CORD Plant - Cordyline
DAICRE Plant - Creeping Daisy
DAIS Plant - Daisy Bush
DIET Plant - Dietes
FERN Plant - Fern
FIRT Plant - Fir Tree
FLAX Plant - Flax
FLAXS Plant - Flax - Small red
FLEXU Plant - Flexus
FUCH Plant - Fuchsia
GARD Plant - Gardenia (Katjiepierang)
GAZA Plant - Gazania
GERA Plant - Geranium
GBUSH Plant - Gooseberry Bush
HIBI Plant - Hibiscus
NAND Plant - Holy Bamboo/ Nandina
HDAIS Plant - Honey Daisybush
HYDR Plant - Hydrangea - medium
INCA Plant - Incalily
JACA Plant - Jacaranda
JERU Plant - Jersusalem Cherry
MAKA Plant - Makaya Bella
MAYF Plant - Mayflower
MINT Plant - Mint
MOND Plant - Mondo grass (groundcover)
OPHI Plant - Ophiopogon Jaburan
PETUNIA Plant - Petunia
PLEC Plant - Plectranthus ecklonii
PLUM Plant - Plumbago
RAPH Plant - Raphiolepsis
ROSE Plant - Rosemary
SCHE Plant - Schefflera Arboricola
STRE Plant - Strelitzia
VEST Plant - Vestuca Glouca
VIBU Plant - Viburnum
KARA Plant - White Karee tree
STIN Plant - White Stinkwood Tree
WILDG Plant - Wild Garlic
WILDI Plant - Wild Iris
YELL Plant - Yellowwood tree
YEST Plant - Yesterday Today Tomorrow
PLANTER Planter - brass 11cm
PLANT Plants
PONCYEL Poncho - rain yellow
PS12 Pressure Spray - 12lt Bac-Pac
SPRAY20 Pressure Spray - 15lt Knapsack
PS16 Pressure Spray - 16lt Bac-Pac
SPRAY Pressure Spray - 1lt bottle 40034
S20 Pressure Spray - 20lt Knapsack
PS5 Pressure Spray - 5lt
PSOR Pressure sprayer - 5l O-Ring Kit ONLY
PRUN Pruning Shears
RCOATM Raincoat - PVC Yellow Medium
RCOATS Raincoat - PVC Yellow Small
RCOATL Raincoat - PVC Yellow XL
RCOATXL Raincoat - PVC Yellow XL
RCOATXXL Raincoat - PVC Yellow XXL
RSUITXL Rainsuit - Extra Large Blue
RSUITL Rainsuit - Large blue
RSUITM Rainsuit - Medium Blue
RSUITS Rainsuit - Small Blue
RSUITXXL Rainsuit - XXL Blue
RAKEP Rake - Plastic
RAKEM Rake - Blue Steel & Handle
RAKE Rake - Metal Yellow
RAKES Rake - Wooden handle
RESP Respirator
RESPC Respirator Dust/Gas Cartridges
RID1 Ridder weed killer 100ml
RIP Ripcord 100ml
RIP1 Ripcord 1lt
RUP100 Round Up - 100ml
RUP Round Up - 500ml
RUP5 Round Up - 5lt
RUP1 Round Up - 1lt
SWEEPA Rubber Horse Stud Brush
RAIN Rubber/Nylon 2pce R/Suit
SAND Sand paper per sheet
SCAT Scat Weed Killer 5l
SECAL Secateurs Aluminium Ratchet Pruner
CAB920 Seed - Cabbage Glory of Enkhuizen
ONI900 Seed - Onion Australian Brown
SPN905 Seed - Spinach Fordhook Giant
TOM910 Seed - Tomato Floradade
B7 Seed African Daisy High Noon Mixed A
B15 Seed Alyssum Pastel Shades Mixed S/A
MR1 Seed Anise S
B25 Seed Antirrhinum F2 Fancy Show Mix S/A
B34 Seed Aquilegia Mixed S/A
B451 Seed Artichoke Green Globe S
B37 Seed Aster Super Giants Mixed S
MR3 Seed Basil Sweet S
B401 Seed Bean Contender Stringless (Bush) S
B416 Seed Beans Witsa (Runner) S
B615 Seed Beans Yellow Valdor (Bush) S
B429 Seed Broad Beans Aquadulce A
B431 Seed Broccoli Green Sprout Calabrese A
B434 Seed Brussel Sprouts Matchless A
B437 Seed Cabbage Cape Spitz (Sugar Loaf) S/A
B443 Seed Cabbage Drumhead S/A
B61 Seed Candytuft Dwarf Fairy Mixed S/A
B448 Seed Capiscum Jalapeno S
B452 Seed Capiscum Long Red Cayenne S
B67 Seed Carnation SupGiant Chabaud Mix S/A
B455 Seed Carrot Chantenay Karoo S/A
B461 Seed Carrot Nantes S/A
MR6 Seed Catnip S
B467 Seed Cauliflower Snowball S/A
MR12 Seed Celery S/A
B72 Seed Celosia Pampas Plume Mixed S
MR11 Seed Chamomile S/A
MR14 Seed Chives S/A
B91 Seed Coleus Rainbow Hybrid Mixed S
B89 Seed Colour Patch Mix Summer Shade S
MR13 Seed Coriander S
B94 Seed Cornflower Polka Dot Mixed S/A
B100 Seed Cosmos Veldfire Mixed S
B76 Seed Crysanthemum Single Merry Mixed S/A
B484 Seed Cucumber Sweet Slice Improved S
MR72 Seed Cumin S
B106 Seed Dahlia Unwins Ideal Bedding Mix S
B108 Seed Delphinium Butt Blue Dwarf S/A
B112 Seed Dianthus Baby Doll Mixed S/A
MR16 Seed Echinacea purple Cone Flower S/A
B487 Seed Egg Fruit Black Beauty S
MR32 Seed Evening Primrose S
MR17 Seed Florence Fennel S
B115 Seed Forget-me-not Blue S/A
B422 Seed Garden Beet Crimson Globe S/A
MR23 Seed Garlic Chives S
B121 Seed Gazania Caledon Giant Mixed S/A
B133 Seed Gourds Ornamental Mixed S
B446 Seed Green Pepper California Wonder S
B135 Seed Gypsophila Baby's Breath S/A
B142 Seed Helichrysum Happy Hours Mixed S/A
B148 Seed Hollyhock S/A
B151 Seed Impatiens Super Dwarf Mixed S
B489 Seed Kale Chou Mollier (S)
SEEDGRAS Seed Kirchhoffs Evergreen/Shade 1kg
SEEDKRER Seed Kirchhoffs Flowers
SEEDKIR Seed Kirchoffs 1kg Cabbage
SEEDKRERV Seed Kirchoffs Vegetable / Herbs
B149 Seed Kniphofia Fairyland A
B154 Seed Larkspur Regal Strain Mixed S/A
B152 Seed Lavatera Mont Blanc S/A
MR25 Seed Lavender Angustifolia S
MR46 Seed Lemon Balm S
MR68 Seed Lemon Balm (mint)
B503 Seed Lettuce Great Lakes S/A
B160 Seed Linaria Fairy Bouquet Mixed A
B165 Seed Lobelia Emperor William S/A
MR28 Seed Lucerne (Alfalfa) S
B172 Seed Marigold Bonita Choice Mixed S
B169 Seed Marigold Sunset Giants Mixed S
MR27 Seed Marjoram S/A
B510 Seed Marog S/A
B512 Seed Mealies Kalahari Early Pearl S
B633 Seed Mealies Mafuta (SR52) S
B518 Seed Melon Hales Best (Spanspek) S
B199 Seed Morning Glory S
B212 Seed Nasturtium Climbing Tall Mixed S
KM28800 Seed Nasturtium Double Gem Mixed S
B203 Seed Nasturtium Dwarf Dble Gem Mix S
B215 Seed Nemesia Carnival Choice Mixed A
B216 Seed Nigella Persian Jewels S
B521 Seed Onion Australian Brown
B527 Seed Onion Texas Grano S/A
B531 Seed Onion White Creole
B218 Seed Pansies Clear Crystals Mixed S/A
B221 Seed Pansies Engelmann's Giant Mix S/A
MR30 Seed Paprika S/A
MR31 Seed Parsley Italian Plain Leaf S/A
B539 Seed Peas Greenfeast Bush S/A
M38 Seed Pennyroyal
B230 Seed Petunia Bright & Early Mix S/A
B242 Seed Phlox Grandiflora Tall Mix S/
B58 Seed Poppies California Kinderg Mix S/A
B251 Seed Poppies Iceland Super Giants Mix A
B254 Seed Portulaca Double Mixed S
B545 Seed Pumpkin Flat White Boer S
B554 Seed Radish Sparkler S/A
MR35 Seed Sage S
KM35900 Seed Salvia
B261 Seed Scabiosa Mix(Pincushion Flower) S/A
B563 Seed Spinach Fordhook Giant (Beet) S/A
B569 Seed Spinach Monstrous Viroflay S/A
B572 Seed Squash Butternut S
B581 Seed Squash Caserta Bush (Baby Marrow) S
B575 Seed Squash Green Hubbard S
B578 Seed Squash Rolet (Little Gem Type) S
B287 Seed Stocks Virginian Stocks Mixed A
B291 Seed Sunflower Cutflower Mixed S
B299 Seed Sweet Peas Bijou Dwarf Mix A
B587 Seed Sweetcorn Bonita Hybrid (Yellow) S
B304 Seed Thunbergia Black Eyed Susan S
MR39 Seed Thyme S
B602 Seed Tomato (Cherry) Sweetie S
B594 Seed Tomato Moneymaker S
B596 Seed Tomato Oxheart
B605 Seed Tomato Roma VF (Jam) S
B611 Seed Turnip Early Purple Top Globe S/A
B305 Seed Ursinia Orange Shades A
B314 Seed Viola Cornuta Choice Giant Mix A
B614 Seed Watermelon Congo S
B656 Seed Watermelon Sugar Baby
BP530 Seed Winter Tall Mix
B320 Seed Zinnia Lucky Day Mixed Tall S
SHAC Shade Cloth 3m x 3m 80%
SHEDL Shed - Garden Double Door
SHEDS Shed - Garden Single Door
SHOVEL Shovel Metal
SICS Sickle - Spanish agric
SIC Sickle
SICKLE Sickle Agri 400mm
SJAM105 Sjambok 105cm
SJAM75 Sjambok 75cm
SJAM Sjambok 90cm
SKIL Ski Rope - Large 7mm x 30m
SKIM Ski Rope - Medium 7mm x 10m
SKIS Ski Rope - Small 5mm x 10m
SKIXL Ski Rope - XLarge 10mm x 30m
SONMOL Sonic Mole Repellent
SPADE Spade - garden
SPAT Spade - Small Adlus Trowel
SPEEDB Speedlace Safety Boot
SPEEDB Speedlace Safety Shoe
SPEA Sweet Pea Bijou Mix 100g
TEFS Teff Seed - 5kg
TBOX Tool Box Wooden
TORNADO Tornado 500g
TRSL Trousers Large - DO NOT USE
TYRES Tyre Sealant Trailer(AG)
WIRE Wire Galvanised - 3.15mm
WOND Wonder Glove - 250ml Hand Gel
YARD Yardner