Containers for feeding as well as food storage is obtaineable at Groenvoer




Bowl Plastic - Dog/Cat Decorated Lrg
DBMED Bowl S/Steel - 240mm/3lt - MBS 0240
DB Bowl S/Steel - 290mm 5lt - MBSO 290
DBL Bowl S/Steel - 340mm 8lt - MBS 0340
BRACB Bracket - Bucket
BRACF Bracket - Feed Trough FEE160
BBUC Bucket - Black No Handle
BUC30 Bucket - Empty 25 L (For Molasses)
PBUC5LT Bucket - Plastic & Lid 5l
PBUC2.5 Bucket - Plastic with Lid 2.5lt
RBUC Bucket - Round - 10lt
GBUC Bucket + Handle - Water
CHICKAWS Chick Anti Drown Ring - 3lt
CHICKT Chick Feed Tray
CHICKOF Chick Oval Hole Feeder Small
CHICK10LT Chick Water Drinker 10lt 50chick
CHICK3LT Chick Water Fountain 3lt
220D Drum & clamp lid 220lt-plastic
210MD Drum (Metal) 210lt
5D Drum 5lt plastic (For Molasses)
100D Drum with cap 100lt Plastic
25DW Drum with cap 25l - plastic white
25D Drum with cap 25lt-plastic black
50D Drum with cap 50lt-plastic
100DCL Drum with clamp lid 100lt plastic**DISC*
50DL Drum with clamp lid 50lt plastic
HDBIN Dustbin & Lid - Heavy duty
EGGT Egg tray - plastic
FIRB Fire beater
G3000 Gate D/Mesh Double 3050mm x 1250mm
G1220 Gate D/Mesh Single 1220mm x 1250mm
G1500 Gate D/Mesh Single 1500 x 1200mm
G1830 Gate D/Mesh Single 1830 x 915mm
G2000 Gate D/Mesh Single 2000mm x 1200mm
G900 Gate D/Mesh Single 915mm x 1250mm
INFRA Infra Red Lamp & Fitting(CM962/3)100chic
NUT Nuts - 100 x 10mm
RG Rain Gauge - Plastic
SSTANDBL Saddle Stand black metal
SCALE Scale Mechanical 15kg
SCOOPL Scoop - Large 400mm - SCA 1400
SCOOP Scoop - Medium 350mm - SCA 1350
SCOOPS Scoop - Small 230mm - SCA 1230
SDFB Stable Door - Frame & Bottom Door
SDT Stable Door - TOP Mesh only
SD Stable Door Complete
SDF Stable Door Frame only
TR Threaded Rod - 3m x 10mm
LT Trough - Large 55 x 44 x 24cm
MT Trough - Medium 44 x 30 x 18
ST Trough - Small 37 x 23 x 10cm
TYXS Trough - Tyre extra small (cat basket)
TYL Trough - Tyre Large
TYM Trough - Tyre Medium
TRUNK1010 Trunk metal - Large 85cm x 49 x 38
TRUNK32 Trunk metal - Medium 80cm x 45 x 34
TRUNK28 Trunk metal - Small 70cm x 38 x 29
TRUNK24 Trunk metal - X Small 60cm x 32 x 23
W Washers - 100 x 10mm
WHEEL Wheel Barrow Spare Wheel
BARROW Wheel Barrow xl container

Container & Equipment Products