How we make Groenvoer Feeds


Product Principles

All our feeds are registered with the Department of Agriculture

Mixing Procedures

  • We use top quality raw materials sourced from tried & tested suppliers
  • Mixed by loyal, motivated staff in dedicated mixers
  • Personally checked by family
  • In an environment where good house-keeping (stock rotation, cleanliness, pest control) is paramount
  • In a manner that mimics as close as possible feeding in nature. We do not pellet the feed as it is associated with an increased incidence of stomach ulceration, particularly in working horses.

Achieve consistency in the rations:

The feed must look the same from January through to December. We do not believe in least cost formulations.

External quality controls

We have the feed tested regularly by outside laboratories. We have regular monthly inspections from feed advisors and mentors in the industry.

Feed Science and the art of feeding

We believe feed science must be used in a responsible way – we have seen many fads and “wonder” ingredients come in and out of fashion over 40 years. We do not make outrageous claims for any one ingredient. We believe that great feeding is both a science and an art, and there are individual horses whose exceptional response proves the rule.

Importance of a wide variety of ingredients

As with human food, we believe that our horse rations benefit from the inclusion of a wide variety of ingredients and textures – maize gluten, germ meal, crushed maize, whole and rolled oats, sunflower oilcake, lucerne chaff, wheaten bran, molasses, salt, di-calcium phosphate, limestone powder, vitamins & minerals and a natural, organic acid mould inhibitor.

Survey Results of our Horse Feeds

GROENVOER 10% Harmony
GROENVOER 10% Maintenance Horse Meal
GROENVOER 12% Rider Meal
GROENVOER 14% Broodmare and Yearling Meal