Customer Endorsements - SA Grass Roll Saver

September 2018

"The old round bale holders stood directly on the ground and always rotted from the bottom up.  With the Groenvoer SA Grass Roll Saver there is no more rotten grass laying in puddles of water, and the little roof protects the top part of the bale.  This equals maximum bale usage, and minimum waste.  Strong construction, with weather resistant materials, and proudly South African."


August 2018

"Enjoying the quality and the convenience of an awesome feeding system.  My horses are so loving it."  LINDA MAVRIKIS - RYNFIELD

April 2018

“We all love our SA Grass Roll Savers – both horses and humans! The hay stays fresh and clean for longer as it’s off the ground, and not getting trampled on, or wet.  This has stopped a lot of wastage and alleviates the necessity to put new hay out every day for Tamarillo (TB) and Karma (Clydesdale).”  NIKKI & MELISSA AITKEN – SUMMERVELD – KWAZULU NATAL

December 2017

"I adopted a mare and young foal and knew that they had to have constant access to good teff. I purchased the SA Grass Roll Saver so that I would not have to fill teff nets several times per day. 

It took a few days for them to eat from the Saver but now - 4 months later - it is their first port of call in the mornings once they have been let out into their paddock. Made my life easier."  GILL McWILLIAM - BENONI NORTH

November 2017

“My 6 SA Grass Roll Savers definitely save a lot of grass and money, and the feeders will soon pay for themselves.  What I appreciate the most is the fact that the grass is not trampled on, dirtied and wasted.”  BEN SWANEPOEL - NOBLE EQUESTRIAN STABLES – PARYS 

October 2017

“The SA Grass Roll Saver has made our lives pretty easy, no fuss and no raking of grass daily.  We save 30% of our feed bill.  Great product.” MARNI BUCKLE - RIETVLEI VIEW COUNTRY ESTATES

August 2017  

“This has been one of the very best things I have ever bought.  It is an absolutely wonderful invention.” PAT WESTMORELAND – KYALAMI

 July 2017

"Our 3 SA Grass Roll Savers are wonderful.  They are huge labour savers, and I know exactly how many days one roll of hay will last !"  


May 2017

“Huge saving both on grass and labour. Our horses don’t fight as much as they used to, and we have seen a reduction in colic as the grass is now all off the ground. We highly recommend the SA Grass Roll Saver and have to admit that we were really wasting time and money before we got one.”  DOUG & SAL THOMPSON – TARA FARMING – MKUSHI, ZAMBIA

April 2017

“We can report a 40% to 70% saving on grass when using the feeder, compared to just leaving the roll of grass on the ground in the paddock. Previously a roll of Eragrostis used to last no longer than a week, with 3 Arabians feeding from it. Using the SA Grass Roll Saver we can now stretch that to 10 or 12 days.”  GERHARD & CAROL VAN DER WERFF – WALKERVILLE

March 2017

“The SA Sheep Grass Roll Saver definitely saves time. Staff can continue with other work now that they do not have to continually put hay out for the sheep and goats, as they did previously. A bale is replaced when necessary, instead of in small amounts, where wastage takes place. There is also less hay damage with the hay now being off the ground, as well as no hay being trampled by the sheep or goats, which used to happen in the past. The cover over the hay also helps minimize it getting wet.”  DAVID KAYS – NGAMILAND ADVENTURE SAFARIS, MAUN - BOTSWANA

February 2017

"My experience over the last year with Groenvoer’s SA Grass Roll Saver has been a pleasure. The robust construction and easy flip open & tilt design makes it so easy for the grooms to load a full 1.2m roll without effort. Since using the feeder I have found that my grass wastage has significantly reduced. I estimate that less than 10% is being lost & trampled by the horses. This is a super product, pays for itself and I will recommend it to any farmer & stable yard owner.”  TIAAN VAN COPPENHAGEN – LAEZONIA

November 2016

" I have been using the SA Grass Roll Saver for over a year. It is definitely reducing grass wastage.  Before using the feeder my horses would trample up to 50% of the roll in the open veld. That wastage is now less than 10%. The SA Grass Roll Saver is well constructed, sturdy and easy to move around. Wonderful product! I would highly recommend it for any farmer. "  FRANCOIS VAN DEN BERG – PRETORIA EAST

September 2016

“ Very robust and easy to use. Saves on labour and hay. Great for feeding medium sized herds.” SR MARIZDA KRUGER – EQUINE MANAGER – ANIMALS IN DISTRESS - VORNA VALLEY

August 2016

“ The SA Grass Roll Saver works perfectly – but hear it from my groom, who uses it on a daily basis.” JP REY – INANDA COUNTRY BASE

“ It saves a lot of grass from being soiled by the horses. There is enough space for all seven horses to eat from it without fighting. It also saves a lot of time, as I do not need to use hay nets all the time.” TOFFEE HLONGWA – JP REY’S GROOM

July 2016

“ I have always been reluctant to feed Teff from round bales because of the massive wastage - either through trampling and soiling by my horses, or through degradation by rain and sun. With the SA Grass Roll Saver I can feed my horses the quality hay they deserve without breaking the bank. The Grass Roll Saver is safe for the horses to eat from, and reloading it is good exercise for me. Thank you. This was definitely a good investment!” DR KAREN BOHME – GLEN FERNESS

May 2016

“ The SA Grass Roll Saver is such an innovative product and considering the price of grass at the moment, in the drought we are experiencing, it really is a Must Have. My horses also approve. If you are looking for them, you will find them around the Grass Roll Saver. My only regret is that I didn’t buy one sooner.” ELZIA VAN ZYL – RANDJESFONTEIN

April 2016

“ Our horses absolutely love your feeder and we love it too. Saves on the wastage and is very easy to use. We stay on a few acres and the SA Grass Roll Saver makes our lives easier. I would recommend it to anyone who owns horses.” RODERICK WARE – EAST RAND

February 2016

“ The SA Grass Roll Saver is fabulous. It is robust, well made and very easy to load. Plus my horse now has an all-day, ad lib and safe supply of hay with minimal waste. We both love it !” JILL CLEMENT – SUN VALLEY

November 2015

“ The horses love standing around the SA Grass Roll Saver and we have proven the saving and low wastage of the hay by having both a loose roll in one paddock with 3 horses and your grass roll holder in the other paddock, also with 3 horses grazing. Needless to say that the contained roll outlasted the other by at least a week. Your contraptions really work.” MINDI HUNT – BEAULIEU

September 2015

“ Whenever we look over to the paddocks we can see the grass in the SA Grass Roll Saver, and we don’t have to worry about the horses having run out of grass each day. It is one less thing to worry about – and we would not be able to live without it now.” MUSA NGCOBO – RANDJESFONTEIN

July 2015

“ I’m thrilled with the SA Grass Roll Saver. Best money I’ve spent in a long time ! It’s awesome. Wish I had purchased one sooner !” NIKI TUCKER – BREDELL

May 2015

“ We bought two big bales of Eragrostis at the same time, and put one in the SA Grass Roll Saver and one on the ground in the Dam paddock. Both paddocks have three horses. The SA Grass Roll Saver still has 50% left after the same time period. In contrast, the Eragrostis bale in the Dam paddock is completely flattened and trampled. Due to the recent rain, we have to remove the grass today in this paddock before it turns.” PAT PARKER – BEAULIEU

November 2014

“ This is my 4th SA Grass Roll Saver, and I am budgeting to buy more because they really do pay for themselves. They save horse owners an enormous amount of money.” JILL FOX – THE FORT STUD – KWAZULU NATAL

September 2014

“ Our ponies enjoy eating from your hay bale feeder all year around! This is definitely one less thing to worry about. We can focus on our core business while Groenvoer is taking care of our ponies. Best of all, we’re definitely saving time and money! Thanks!” MADELEEN VAN NIEKERK – HORSE DYNAMICS - ZWAVELPOORT

July 2014

“ The Grass Roll Saver keeps grass fresh and dry for much longer, especially in the weather we have had, so you can guarantee your grass goes further and remains appealing to the horses. Thanks - it is a fantastic invention !” CHRISTELLE HICKLIN - KYALAMI

May 2014

“ Our 6 SA Grass Roll Savers are already an accepted and much appreciated part of our plot family.” MARK & MICHELLE BASNETT - KYALAMI

Feb 2014

“ This investment saves money, fodder & time !” CEDRIC BESSIT - GLEN AUSTIN

February 2014

“ I purchased three grass-roll holders towards the end of winter 2013. They are easy to use, easy to relocate and the horses love to eat from them. It is like the horse version of the coffee bar as they all gather there each morning when they are turned out. I find that there is much less waste. I am extremely happy with my purchase.” PROFESSOR CAROLINE NICHOLSON - MNANDI

December 2013

“ I have found 90% less grass wastage since using the SA Grass Roll Saver.” MIKE THOMPSON - RANDJESFONTEIN

October 2013

“ Although we have a 15 acre grazing paddock for our 3 horses and 1 pony, in die winter they are just not interested in grazing the brown, dead grass. We tried to put eragrostis on the ground for them in the paddock, but this went to complete waste, as they proceeded to play, fight and defecate on top of it. I then invested in a SA Grass Roll Saver. It has been the best thing I have ever done, not only is the grass not going to waste anymore, but the condition of my horses has picked up tremendously with them occupying themselves with eating the grass in the Grass Saver rather than playing and biting each other.” KATHLEEN MARAIS 

September 2013

“ I have five horses sharing the bale saver. They spend most of the day standing around it. I have calculated that I have had about 50% less wastage compared to last year. The bale also remained beautifully dry during the recent rains. Definitely a good investment for our horse rescue centre.” MARIZDA SCHENKER

July 2013

“ It saved me money quicker than I thought it would.” JILL FOX – THE FORT STUD - KWAZULU NATAL

March 2013

“ Previously, our horses were standing out in all weather conditions and soiling their grass roll. The SA Grass Roll Saver has enabled us to contain the roll and push it under the shelter so that it is always dry. Another benefit is that when the roll is almost finished, I can easily pick up small square bales and add it to the feeder until I have the time to load another roll. It’s a brilliant invention !” ARLENE BOTHA

February 2013

“ The SA Grass Roll Saver is worth its weight in gold. Even on a really rainy muddy day the grass remains dry in the saver.” SHARON RALSTON – MEIFOD STUD - RANDJESFONTEIN

December 2012

“ The Roll Saver has saved on my grass bill from Day One. I’m confident I’ll easily recoup the cost of the Roll Saver within four months, and from then on, it’s savings all the way. I also appreciate that it saves time, as you do not have to put out grass in the paddocks every single day.” RETHA MULLER - RANDJESFONTEIN

November 2012

“ Here’s the Aloe Dale ladies enjoying their Roll Saver – a round bale used to last the 6 girls about 3 days, but with them not being able to paw it all over the place and soil it, they have reduced usage considerably, having a third of a roll left in the saver over the same time period. Another advantage I have noticed is that it is harder for the dominant horses to intimidate and chase any of the others, so everyone gets their share.” MERRYN SCOTT-TLUCZEK - GLEN AUSTIN

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